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For US market our new contacts are:
PH (262) 409 0422
EMAIL sales@h2oweld.com




Manufacturers of OxyHydrogen Gas Generators


for welding and brazing materials


since 1981





Our mission:



At Oxyweld, our mission is to enable companies and employees throughout the world to improve the quality of their products and works. Mission statement is a promise to our customers because we believe that investing in technology and innovation today, allows to find the solutions we need for the challenges of tomorrow.
Our efforts are concentrated in three key points:

  • Customer satisfaction
    Fulfilling the demands of market and customer is the basis for the further positive development of our company. The constant rise of the customer satisfaction is the necessary indicator for this development.
  • Quality in research and service
    The basis to this target is not only the quality of our products, but all other services as well - starting from counseling,  administration up to the logistic process.
  • Environmental responsibility
    The protection of our environment is a basic policy of our company. The product of our gas generator’s combustion is water vapor, unlike other systems that produce carbon monoxide.


Our vision:

“Guarantee highest quality service and products
to help people and enterprises to work better”


-Enrico Andreetta, General Manager-


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